What Is Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing?

Pay Per Click Marketing, known commonly as Google AdWords, is like hiring an employee that automatically drives in qualified leads – but without all the training, lack of experience, taxes, and headaches. This “employee” drives leads for you 24/7, effortlessly.

More technically speaking – Pay-Per-Click marketing involves bidding on keywords so that your ad may appear in the search engine results pages (SERPs) either above the natural listings, or directly to the right. Everything you see with the yellowish-orange “Ad” label in Google SERPs is a pay-per-click marketing ad.

Read why we support PPC and common myths or simply skip to why you should hire us.

Why Should You Care?

You’re running a business and you have heard about search advertising, but might be a little skeptical. After all it can be king of scary to see the dollars start to pileup after those first few clicks. However, according to HubSpot the 7 reasons you should use PPC in your marketing efforts are:

Immediate Exposure – Your ads can appear on Google within a few hours.

Visibility Boost for Poor Performing Keywords – In a tough niche or an area where you can’t seem to break the first page on Google? PPC ads get you exposure for your top converting, yet non-visible keywords.

Track-ability – We provide reports on where each and every one of your dollars is going. We do this by identifying your online KPIs and implementing conversion & event tracking that tie back to your PPC and SEO efforts. You will know exactly what your return-on-investment is.

Scalability – AdWords is highly scalable – and when you find the right approach you can open the flood gates for new leads and business opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise have had before. These keywords can, and have in the past for other companies, become the blueprint to your company’s success.

Geographic Targeting – Running a local business or only want to target a certain area? We have the ability to GEO-FENCE everything, making your campaigns super targeted.

We chime in with more reasons ….

Search Engine Real Estate. PPC works best when implemented with a good content marketing plan, landing page experience, and SEO strategy. When you are on the first page with multiple listings, your chances of getting a click to your website highly increase. More listings and impressions that take up real-estate is good for branding and awareness.

City/Location & Services. Let’s say you own a local business in Detroit, but you also do work in cities in the Metropolitan area like Ferndale. Google will not list your local listing unless you have a location in that city, and old school “black hat” tactics like creating hundreds of local landing pages are not working anymore. For this reason, you can use PPC to get the edge in that city.

Mobile. Google does a really good job of making the mobile PPC ads look great and potential customers searching for what your business has to offer have the ability to Click-To-Call to go straight to your phone lines.

Bing & Yahoo! Most agencies do not utilize the Bing & Yahoo search network and this is a very big mistake. We’ve seen conversion rates to be higher while cost-per-clicks are lower on these platforms.

Common PPC Myths

“Organic SEO is Free”

Many local businesses prefer to go the other route stating “I don’t need to pay for those ads; I can do SEO for Free!” But SEO is not “Free.” A lot of time and effort are put into your rankings, and when you pay an agency to do it there are a lot of up-front costs where you do not see the value in return until after some time.

“Fraudulent Clicks& Invalid Traffic Cost Too Much”

Google does a great job, and spends a vast amount of money ensuring that they can filter out repeated attempts at false clicks – including robots, competitors, and hired contract workers. Google provides advanced documentation on their step by step process on how they get rid of these fraudulent click efforts. We can even report to you on how many clicks were filtered out!

“People Don’t Click the Ads”

Google puts a heavy focus on making these ads prominent through the years. They have done so by allowing advertisers to use enhanced ad extensions, have used google product listing ads, have added ads in the maps and in email, have placed ads at the bottom of each page, and have made them very prominent and enticing when it comes to mobile. In fact so much emphasis has been placed on these ads that, according to WordStream, 64% of online shoppers click on the Ads as opposed to the organic listings!

p>The bottom line is that Pay Per Click marketing is an asset that, when used and managed properly, can help you gain the upper hand against your competitors . It is a Pillar for many businesses, while just a tool in the toolbox for others. We’re here to help put your business on the map, and to help increase your profits by using a proven & effective tool.

Why Choose Shapeless?

Shapeless is composed of highly talented and creative individuals. You will have an AdWords Certified professional working on your account at all times and you will be able to work with this individual while you are making changes in your business marketing plan.

We will discover your target audience and go through an extensive keyword research process that will align with your company’s goals and mission.

We will work with you to make highly compelling ads, using current promotions, concepts that make your business unique, and all the tools that we have to enhance the search experience for your potential customers.

We will report to you to let you know how your campaign is doing. Since we are also a team of developers and SEO experts, we are able to set your website up with customized analytics and conversion and event tracking to let you know just how effective these ads are.

We are transparent. We believe that a transparent service is the best service. If something goes wrong, or if we aren’t living up to our part of the bargain, we want to hear about it.

We are enthusiastic. We love what we do, and we love making what we do work. Our enthusiasm keeps us working extremely hard and super focused so that we can be proud of the work that we do. We know that every marketing effort you take is a reflection of your business, so we apply what we do for ourselves and translate it to you and your business.

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